Taking it home.

We’ve always been a big fan of that coffee shop down the block with the fresh baked muffins and perfected dark-roast drip, the local grocer with the farm-fresh goods, and that dive bar downtown with an awesome mid-week karaoke set.  To us, community is more than the few close friends we turn to when the swell is pumping or the pow is deep; it’s the people and businesses that make this place home.


So when we had the chance to revisit where our pieces come from, we looked extra hard at our environments.  Not just the outdoor ones we know so well, but the human ones in our own backyard.  We’ve been stoked to honor both.



We moved a massive part of our manufacturing back to North America this season, with our winter headwear collection being made in both the US & Canada.  We’ve even been fortunate enough to work with some local Cascadian producers within our own state and biome!  Supporting local manufacturers helps bring jobs, money and good-vibes back to our part of the world and strengthen the community we call home, helping to create a better place for everyone to live.  Whats more, is that through our vision and mission statements we’re able to influence and work with our partners to help create pieces that are not only made locally, but made from responsible materials that help grow our natural environments as well.



This amazingly vintage beast is what created our Forester & Ranger beanies.

While using recycled and renewable resources is nothing new to us, we were able to expand into some pretty sweet materials like recycled Cashmere and ethically harvested merino wool this season.  In the past we’ve used a lot of Acrylic yarns, which unfortunately is a derivative of petroleum (AKA oil) which contributes to a lot of extra greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and political instability around the world.  Moving to even more responsible materials like these aids the societal transition we need to create a more sustainable world for our future.


We’re stoked to have had the opportunity today to make these steps & strides towards a better world tomorrow, and we’re incredibly appreciative of everyone who has shown their support.  It means a ton to us, and we can’t wait for whats to come!


Hope you’re all getting out there & enjoying yourselves; Find a Wild Life.


– Ross, Director of Stoke & Neature Enjoyment