Same brand, new design

We’ve been on a bit of a walkabout recently, trying to get back to our roots and redefine what it is we stand for.  You may know us as Rime Knits, and wonder what this whole new ‘elements’ thing is about…well, let’s explain.

The natural elements of the world we live in dictate so much more than the time we spend outside, and we think it’s important to consider those forces going into the future.  The food we eat, the air we breath, the systems that make our ‘urban lives’ function healthily all depend on the natural world, and whether or not we want to accept it, we are all still a part of these natural systems.  We’re all just a bunch of wild animals.

As we’ve grown, our reach and line of pieces has expanded to beyond just knit hats, so we felt it was best to drop the ‘knits’ handle.  Our pieces are merely elements of a collection designed to keep you comfortable in the natural elements, without wrecking them.  We focus on simple function without chasing the ebb and flow of trends; we make timeless pieces designed for fun without the fuss and to grow, not crush, our awesome planet.

So to embrace our new direction that encompasses so much more that just hats, we’re now ‘Rime Elements’…but you can just call us Rime.  We’re here to do the best we can from a business standpoint, give back to the communities and ecosystems we are a part of, and keep you comfortable.  Stay comfortable in the elements longer, enjoy them more, fall in love with them and protect them.

We hope you’re stoked on the new direction, and we’re stoked to have you along with us!  Join our journey to do good and have a damn good time doing it!