Roof of Australia

We packed up the car last Thursday night and left our home in Melbourne headed for the great snowy mountains.  After a night in a cheap hotel room that had seen its fair share of sloppy pulls off the goon bag bag, we started the long trek out from the back of Perisher towards the infamous ‘Roof of Australia’.  We had a group of friends snow camping out there who had some extra space at the site, and invited us out for the weekend.  6 hours later, we toured up to the campsite and were greeted by those friendly Aussie faces.

The days that followed consisted of corn snow, whiskey shots, Aussie sun and Alaska style terrain looking out over the gum forest below.  All in all, a pretty awesome experience!  Just another example how a little motivation can make that weekend mission an epic one.  There’s never a lame place on this planet, get out and enjoy it!