Oldgrowth Beanie

♺ Recycled Cashmere Wool


Taking old cashmere and recycling it to keep you warm, the Oldgrowth beanie is hands down the coziest thing you can put on your head. We started by taking all of grandma’s most comfortable sweaters, washing them, cutting ‘em up and then re-knitting them into these hats…well, not really, but by repurposing one of the softest natural fibers on earth with local North American production and a tree planted for each one sold, we think that granny would be pretty stoked on these toques. Not only does she get to keep her sweaters, but this world gets a bit more awesome too.


• 80% Recycled Cashmere Wool / 20% Nylon

• Organic Cotton tag

• Made in North America

• Regular or Cuffed fit

Tree_blue One tree planted in local forests
damaged by fire & disease for each piece purchased.

Color Scheme:

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Honesty is always the best policy, and we’d would like to keep you in the loop as we work to improve our pieces and how they’re made. 

production process


• We design and develop our prototypes ourselves in the PNW, and then test them in the elements with help from our friends & family.


• 100% recycled Cashmere Wool yarn
• Organic Cotton tag


• Old cashmere sweaters & socks are collected, disassembled, washed & spun into yarn in Canada, where it is then knit.
• Tag fabric is harvested & woven in Canada, and the designs are printed and applied there as well.


• Final assembly of these pieces is done locally in Washington.

Learn more & join us in keeping nature neat.

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Weight 3 oz
Color Scheme:

Coal, Stone, Natural, Merlot

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♺ Recycled Cashmere Wool