our philosophy

Humble Beginnings


It all began in the Winter of 2002, as we watched the snow fall with anticipation through the windows of a cabin in the woods. There was no internet, TV, or cell service back then, so our Aunt taught us the in’s and out’s of knitting to pass time until daybreak.  We viewed the craft as a means to blend the comfort we saw that night in the cabin and the endless enjoyment that fresh snow brought us in the days that followed.  With that mentality as our roots, we founded Rime in 2005 and have continued to evolve through exploration of the great outdoors.


A lifetime of enjoying the elements has taught us two key lessons.  First, you don’t always need the most technical gear to have a good time outside – you just need to be comfortable.  Second, our world is connected in ways we could never fully understand, and our gear shouldn’t have to be made in ways that ruin it.  So without overcomplicating things, we design pieces for purpose and create them in ways to give back to the lands we love.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun.  We strive to make your time in the elements as comfortable as possible, and we hope to see you out there!

Our Vision…

is a world where there’s no seperation between society & the environment; a world where both are integrated seamlessly for the benefit of not only our land, water, air & existing life on this planet, but for our communities and kin.

Our Mission…

 is to create comfort-focused pieces in the best way possible to reconnect people to the natural world.  By providing comfort and maximizing enjoyment in the elements, we hope that people will fall in love with the great outdoors like we have, and work to keep them awesome.

Let’s keep nature neat, and have some fun along the way.

Our Journey

We’ve come a long way…

…and there’s still much more to do.



  • Switched from using Regular Cotton tags to Hemp & Organic Cotton tags, and began locally printing and sewing them to our pieces.


  • Partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation and began planting a tree for every piece sold.


  • Dedicated ourselves to annually offsetting our business carbon emissions to become a Carbon Neutral Business.


  • Introduced our line of Fuelie hats, made from Recycled PET Plastic.


  • Began up-cycling used Wetsuits to create our line of Adventure Koozies.


  • Introduced our recycled Cashmere OldGrowth Beanie & our locally produced Cascadia Beanie.

The Rime Forest

Forests are an essential part of regulating global carbon levels, stabilizing our local snowpack & rainfall patterns, controlling runoff and erosion, filtering water in our rivers and streams, and much, much more.

Their health is vital to the quality of all our lives and the activities that give us daily inspiration.

We’ve been planting trees for nearly a decade now, and we’re stoked to keep growing our forest. Working with the Arbor Day Foundation, these trees are guaranteed to flourish in protected wildlife areas around the Pacific Northwest that have been damaged by fires & disease.  Growing wildlife in our own backyard helps to better the lives of our local communities, the lands we love, and our interconnected world.


We’ve opted to keep our tree planting efforts local to North America because of the lack of transparency associated with many overseas organisations, as well as the severe lack of regulations that keeps many foreign tree planting initiatives in limbo with no guarantee that the stands will still be there in a few years.

Shrinking Our Footprint


We strive to utilize local, organic, recycled and renewable resources wherever possible without sacrificing any bit of comfort, style or performance for you.

Carbon Neutrality


In addition to planting the Rime Forest, we’ve been offsetting our annual business carbon emissions as to minimize our global impact since 2010.

Closing The Lifecycle Loop


Through recycling programs we offer, we aim to extend the lives of old unwanted pieces, reuse materials, reduce global consumption and waste to landfills.

Our Impact


As of 2015, we’ve successfully planted enough trees to completely reforest the clearcut on our home ski area, and have saved almost 3 thousand plastic bottles from landfills.

And we’re just getting started.


Trees planted in forests damaged by fire & disease


Acres of reforested land


Plastic bottles recycled


Tonnes of CO2 sequestered

* values are approximate

Our Current Materials


We currently use a variety of recycled, organic, natural and renewable resources in all our products to help grow these industries and the social demand for more sustainably produced and consumed products.  However, we do still use some non-recycled materials in several of our products such as acrylic yarn & polyester because of certain warmth, durability and moisture wicking properties that more environmentally friendly alternatives currently lack.


As we grow, we aim to reduce our use of non-recycled materials to an absolute minimum while increasing our use of materials from both recycled and natural sources.

  • Recycled Sources

  • Natural Sources

  • Non-Recycled Sources

Local & Distant Communities


We design, test, manufacture and finish most of our products locally here in North America; Cascadia when we can.  It’s all part of a wider movement to bring jobs back from overseas and help strengthen our local communities through positive economic growth and mindful consideration of the elements that give us life.  While we try to do as much of it as we can here at home, a small amount of manufacturing is done overseas.  We do our best to work within our local communities in North America, yet also recognize the importance of building distant communities with strong values and standards as well.  Ultimately, it all serves to create a global network of like-minded individuals.

Our Future


We realize that we live in an ever changing, ever evolving world with no defined future.  With that in mind, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a world of where both people and our environments are healthier and happier.


While we strive to create all of our products from 100% sustainable sources, the reality of doing so still faces some big hurdles these days.  A combination of technology, economy, and social demand has made it unrealistic for us to currently do all that we want to do, and while it’s not ideal, it does give us a firm set of goals to strive for.  We aim to evolve to find ways to overcome our current setbacks in order to create a more sustainable product for you, and a better world for us all.


Every journey begins with the first step; every future is unwritten.  

Let’s make ’em both great.