As part of our philosophy, we embody the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra.  So in an effort to reduce our impact, we’ve implemented a few small programs you can partake in to help us keep nature neat.

 Hang-Tag Recycling Program


Send us the hang tag from any Rime you have, and we’ll send you a care package in exchange – it’s our little way of saying ‘Thank you’ for your support.  Each package contains a variety of different colored and sized di-cut stickers, and whatever else we can think of to send back to you!



  • Tag must not be folded or creased in any way.
  • Tag must still have hemp string attached.
  • Tag must not have any other markings aside from what is printed on it or a price tag if from a retailer.


Things to Consider

  • The larger envelope you send, the more stuff we’ll be able to put in it.
  • If you send more tags, we’ll hook you up more.
  • We love & are stoked on any fan-mail or notes you’d want to include.

How It Works


1. Remove your tag

It doesn’t matter if your piece comes from a shop, an event, or from this site right here – as long as your piece is new and has a hang tag, it qualifies.


2. Write a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

This is how we get you your care package. Include your full name, address and stamps as if you were mailing it directly to yourself. Be sure to put enough postage on it so that it can get home to you, depending on where you’re shipping from!

Note: The size of your SASE will determine the amount and size of things we send back to you.


3. Mail it Out

Put both the tag and your SASE into a new envelope and send it to the following address:

Rime Elements


PO BOX 2006

Squamish, BC

V8B 0B4



4. Wait for your return package to arrive.

Once we receive your tag and see that it meets the requirements below, we’ll get your package together and ship it back to you as soon as possible.

Headwear Recycling Program


Before you send any unwanted caps to the bin, let us have a look at em and we’ll give you a discount on a new Rime piece. We’ll take these old rags of yours and donate them to the Salvation Army to help out those in need, and help you score a fresh style for yourself.



Acceptable Rime pieces will get a discount code for 30-50% off depending on number of pieces submitted.

Acceptable hats or headbands from other brands will receive 15-40% off depending on number of pieces submitted.



  • Hat/headband must be clean! Free from spills, bad smells, sticky spots or anything caught in the yarn.
  • Hat/headband must be intact and wearable. No holes or loose strings, it must be able to provide warmth.
  • You must include your email address written cleanly on a piece of paper so that we may contact you.
  • If pieces are found to be unacceptable, you will be contacted regarding the next step for the piece.

How It Works


1. Send us your Headwear

Package your used hat or headband along with a your name & email written clearly on a piece of paper. This is the most important part; if we don’t have your email, we won’t be able to contact you with a discount code.

Pretty much as long as it’s wearable and warm, you can send it back to us! Feel free to take a moment to read through our requirements before putting anything in the mail though.


2. Mail it

Please send your package to the following address:


Rime Elements


PO BOX 2006

Squamish, BC

V8B 0B4



3. Wait for your discount code via email.

Once we receive your package and note that it meets the requirements below, we’ll reach out to you with more information.