Find A Rime



The ‘Find A Rime’ contest is a modern day treasure hunt to find a limited number of prizes – because we all like being outside, and who doesn’t like free stuff?


‘Find A Rime’ tags will be hidden off the beaten path at some of our favorite places, and if you happen to be in the area, keep your eyes peeled for a little something hanging off a tree nearby.  It could be at the top of a pillow line, a secret trailhead, or the walk through the woods down to the surf break…anywhere goes!  We’ll let you know here when & where they get put up, along with a hint, so you can get exploring and maybe even win something!


How’s it work? It’s simple.
1. You get outside and do whatever it is you love to do.
2. You find a random Find-A-Rime tag hanging somewhere, so you grab it.
3. When you get home, enter the code on the tag at checkout and get a prize of your choice shipped to you for free.
4. Your prize comes in the mail, you get stoked, and then you get outside and enjoy yourself all over again.

Out in the field:

  • White Pass, WA.
    • 2 Hiding
  • Tofino, BC.
    • 2 Hiding
  • Ucluelet, BC.
    • 1 Hiding
  • Westport, WA.
    • 1 Hiding
  • Pacific City, OR.
    • 2 Hiding

Coming soon…

  • Mt Baker, WA
  • Grouse Mtn, BC
  • Sun Valley, ID
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Big Sky, MT
  • Whistler, BC
  • Westport, WA
  • Neah Bay, WA
  • Tahoe, CA

Happy hunting!